A few days before Christmas, I met up with the cutest baby ever World, meet Fitz. Fitz, meet the world. Fitz, his mama and daddy aren’t strangers to me – I photographed them while he was still tucked away in her belly! Now he’s earth side & almost 6 months old. Melanie and Anton purchased […]


December 30, 2020


Welp y’all. It’s official. This session was the HARDEST session I’ve had to cull down. Ever. Culling is when photographers delete images from a session that are either blurry, or someone is blinking, or it’s just not the moment they were hoping to capture. I usually struggle deleting/cutting a clients images’ back because I definitely […]

Family, Maternity

November 3, 2020

Brooke – Maternity Story

One of my favorite things is watching my clients and their families grow over the years. Raevin reached out to my when she was pregnant with her second son about capturing his entire first year, and of course I said yes! We met in Wilmington, NC at the arboretum and captured Rentin when he was […]


September 24, 2020

Rentin – Bump to Baby Bundle

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