A few days before Christmas, I met up with the cutest baby ever World, meet Fitz. Fitz, meet the world. Fitz, his mama and daddy aren’t strangers to me – I photographed them while he was still tucked away in her belly! Now he’s earth side & almost 6 months old. Melanie and Anton purchased […]


December 30, 2020

Fitz | Wilmington Photographer | Bits O’ Bacon Photography

Welp y’all. It’s official. This session was the HARDEST session I’ve had to cull down. Ever. Culling is when photographers delete images from a session that are either blurry, or someone is blinking, or it’s just not the moment they were hoping to capture. I usually struggle deleting/cutting a clients images’ back because I definitely […]

Family, Maternity

November 3, 2020

Brooke | Wilmington Photographer | Bits O’ Bacon Photography

bits o bacon photography

Bits O Bacon Photography